Geneva is the town of the ideas. Rousseau and Voltaire, the famous philosophers of the illuminism period are but a few from Geneva; the town of scientists, philosophers, physicians and mathematicians. The history of Europe was changed by some of these men during the xviii century. the Swiss Paris, the town symbol of elegance, precision, and organization, represents the ideals of Marlen who aims at blending beauty, perfection and proportion. This special collection is called the symbol because it represents Marlen's creative philosophy. The Marlen HTF Geneva (High Technology Formula) collection has been created with modern and hi-tech design using Italian resins and a combination of precious metal. This fascinating and aerodynamic pen, modernistic but still with a classical touch, makes this collection a must to have. The Fountain Pen has a h andcrafted nib finely engraved in a dual tone 18K Medium grade nib.

Marlen Geneve Crystal Rollerball Pen - Special Eidtion

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